Mary’s Musings

“Sometimes I think deep thoughts, sometimes I think about bubbles . . . I like bubbles.”
Author: Unknown

I want this blog to discuss topics that benefit people in their full-time RVing adventures. But, like the quote above, I sometimes have thoughts that aren’t necessarily educational. I think other traveler might still benefit from some of those thoughts. Full-time RVing is about living life on the road. Life comes with all sorts of ups and downs.

I’ve decided to establish a schedule that both keeps me up to date but also allows you to read the posts that you find most interesting. On Wednesdays, I will post helpful, educational articles. On Sundays, I will share “Mary’s Musings”—I’ll talk about what we’re doing, good and bad. My “musings” will be my thoughts about bubbles.

Today’s thoughts are about RVing in bad weather.

Ugh! This cannot be southeast Texas. It just can’t be! Usually the weather here is mild, in the range of 45 degrees to 70 degrees. It may not be swimming weather, but it’s certainly walk-on-the-beach weather. This weekend is not anything like that. The high today is 37 degrees and the wind is blustery. Tonight it will be in the 20’s and Monday morning they’re predicting ice and temps in the teens.

We like to travel with the weather. Jim is a born and raised Texan. That means he can handle the heat but he hates, hates, hates, the cold. We like to spend our winter months on the southern coast of Texas, travelling up and down the beaches. Our dogs are also born and raised Texans. Today, poor Rose, is laying in front of our little electric heater.

Rose & heater

That heater, by the way, has taken a lickin’ (it fell and broke its handle) and is still heating up our RV. We’re currently on shore power so running an electric heater helps us save a little on propane. Next week we won’t have that luxury and will be using our furnace for heat. The nice thing about Texas, is that the cold and ice never lasts too long.

Alright, so today’s post is just me complaining about the miserable weather. But when you RV full-time, you have to endure days (and sometimes weeks) of dreary, miserable weather. That means sitting inside your small tin-can home. It’s a time to be on good terms with your spouse. I promise my next post will be a little more positive.



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