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Jim and I used “Boondockers Welcome” for the first time the other day and we couldn’t have been more delighted. We spent a night at the home of Lyn and Joan, our gracious Hosts, on our way to western Montana. It was a long, boring drive and we needed a place to spend the night and we found a great place on Boondockers Welcome. We even enjoyed this lovely doe who came into our campsite several times that evening.

Boondockers Welcome is a subscription website that brings RVers and property owners together. If you aren’t already an member, you need to be! Property owners, or Hosts, provide free camping on their property for RVers; usually for a night or two only. RVers, or Guests, choose a Host on the Boondockers Welcome website, contact them through the website and enjoy a great perk—free camping!


There is an annual fee of $50 for membership in Boondockers Welcome. We spent $47 last night at an RV Park so BW is well worth the cost. After you sign up and complete a profile, you can search over 2400 Hosts worldwide. Read the Host’s profile and then contact the one you’re interested in. Contacts are made through the website so your privacy is protected.

You’ll “talk” to your Host via the BW website to make any special arrangements and they’ll let you know details about where to park and if any extras like electricity and water are available. Camping is free but if you use your Host’s electricity or water, be sure to compensate them. BW still costs less than an RV Park.


Anyone can be a Host. You can have a house in the city with a big driveway or acres of land in the country. Every Host is unique. Most Hosts are RVers themselves and know what it’s like to travel in an RV. Some Hosts are businesses—a great way to promote your business! There’s no charge to be a Host, just sign up for a free account and create a profile.

Hosts are also eligible for half price membership as a Guest in Boondockers Welcome. They also receive a credit against their membership each time they host another RVer at their property.


Of course, the benefit to the RVer is a great place to stay anywhere in the country for free. No more worrying about where you’ll spend the night. There are Hosts everywhere! Free camping is everywhere!

The Host gets to meet another RVer and save for their own adventures. What a great way to meet like-minded people wherever you go!

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Our first experience was so great we intend to use Boondockers Welcome wherever we travel.

(Links on our page to Boondockers Welcome are affiliate links and we receive a small commission if you become a member. Your price of membership will be the same.)


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