Christmas, COVID-19 and RV’ers

Christmas Day, 2020: we’re camped in a City RV Park and we’re not the only RV’ers here. There are quite a few other people spending the holiday here as well. Some are probably taking advantage of their mobility to visit family members and friends. Unfortunately, this year, a lot of those people are social distancing because of COVID-19. That’s what we’re doing and our adult children are social distancing as well.

The weather here is sunny and 70 degrees and, earlier today, we enjoyed a walk in the park with our dogs. Now it’s time for football on TV and a pot roast for dinner. To make things special Jim and I are breaking our sugar ban and eating a store-bought pecan pie. It’s not as good as mine but it will have to do. I haven’t tackled baking in this small space—yet.

Some RV’ers “deck the halls”, but, for the life of me, I don’t know where the find space to store Christmas decorations. We’re happy keeping things simple. We’re enjoying a beautiful day and we hope you’re doing the same.

Like almost everyone, we’re looking forward to Christmas next year, hopefully a Christmas without COVID-19. In the meantime, stay safe, keep each other safe, wear a mask and have a happy holiday.


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