Fitness Over 60 while RVing

Fitness over 60 is  important for us retirees, especially when you’re RVing full-time. I thought that would be easy, but for me, it’s been harder than I expected.

Sticks-and-Bricks vs. RV

Even though our house was small, it’s amazing how much you walk around your house, both inside and out. You walk to the kitchen, let the dogs out, turn off the TV, load the wash machine, vacuum the floor, and the list goes on and on. There’s a lot of walking in a house. In our case, we also had a couple of acres. That meant feeding chickens, checking on beehives, watering flower beds, and working in the garden. That’s a lot of walking, bending and moving in general.

Now, in our RV I’ve found myself sitting in front of my computer way too much. Walking to the kitchen is about four steps. Walking to the bedroom is about ten steps. Depending on where we’re camping, there can be a lot of opportunity for exercise outside, but this entails making a concerted effort; not always easy for me.

Making an Exercise Plan

After living in our RV full-time, I’ve come to realize that to stay fit I need to have a plan. Easier said than done. At least for me. I think part of the problem is when we constantly move from campsite to campsite, we never anywhere long enough to establish a routine. We’re certainly trying to stay in one place for a little longer and hopefully that will help me establish an exercise routine.

Exercise Equipment for your RV

Because of storage and weight restrictions there are limitations on what equipment you can take with you. Exercise videos are great and just moving to your own routine can be beneficial. My problem is that is that my husband never goes away. There’s something troubling about a fat old woman laying on the floor kicking her legs around. I would rather do this when he’s not sitting there watching me. As kind as he is, I think this would be asking too much. Exercise bands and small weights are also beneficial. Now I just have to figure out how to get Jim out of the RV for about an hour every morning.

Walking and Hiking for Fitness over 60

Hiking is probably my favorite thing to do for fitness. First, we have two dogs that need exercise. That means at least one good walk every day. I’m aiming for two. When I walk without dogs I can walk faster and get a much better workout. Of course, I must listen to them howl as I leave but they’ll have to deal with it. When walking without dogs I use walking sticks. I thought they looked silly at first, but like many people over 60, I have arthritis in my knees, hips and feet.

Fitness over 60-Mary with walking sticks

I can’t believe how much walking sticks help relieve the strain on my body. They’re a game changer. The photo above is after Jim made me walk down a canyon in Colorado to see a beautiful waterfall. Without my walking sticks I would have been at the bottom of the canyon waiting for an ambulance.


Biking for Fitness over 60

My husband is 70 and he’s been riding his bicycle for several years. He is constantly amazed by how many people stop him to ask how old he is. When he tells them, they get excited about riding bikes themselves. He’s spreading the love!

My balance is not good, so I have a little fear of biking. I suppose that’s a good reason for me to start riding with him. I don’t currently have a bike and have been doing some shopping. The best tip I can give is to visit a good bike shop and talk to an experienced salesperson. I did this while I was visiting my sister in Wisconsin. I spoke with Paul Makela at Wheel and Sprocket and he gave me a wonderful tour of all the options available to me. There was everything from regular trail bikes to tricycles and ebikes. My knee replacements don’t allow me to lift my leg over a high rail, so a step-through bike is probably my best bet. I’m leaning toward an ebike, but they are expensive. I’ll keep you posted.

Making a Plan for Fitness over 60

I know what I have to do and I’m sure you do, too. Let’s get busy moving together. I’m going to send Jim on a bike ride every morning while I do some Pilates. I also promise to take a second walk every afternoon. Will you join me?


2 thoughts on “Fitness Over 60 while RVing”

  1. Great read Mary.
    Exercise is a must. I have started walking from my house to downtown . It only takes 8 minutes at a brisk pace. I hope to do this once or twice a week . It certainly feels good.
    I was thinking a tricycle might be good for you.

    1. Thanks. I’m walking more and more each day. I’m glad you’re getting out, too.
      My sister thinks a tricycle would be good, too. The dogs could ride in the back.

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